Make Sure Your Design Is Functional

No matter how innovative some part of your house may be, it is meaningless if that part is not accurately functional. Being functional not only means facilitating the scope, but also making the tasks included in the scope much easier and more efficient. This applies to all parts of a house, including the bathroom, the cooking space, the bed rooms and also the dining room. In this article our focus in on kitchens. When modifying this special place, some homes just need small changes, but some do require major changes. However, it is always best to have an understanding of a functional kitchen and its features beforehand.

The work triangle

Have you ever heard the word ‘work triangle’ in a kitchen before? If not, here is the thing. This is a concept. At any kitchen, there are majorly three points of contact. Namely, the refrigerator, the sink and the stove. The experts say that there is always an invisible line among these three spots, and the functionality revolves around them. Basically, this is an easily adjustable layout change.


A perfect Melbourne kitchen design must have proper lighting. Over the stove and the counter tops, the spaces should be bright. There is also this trend of under cabinet illuminating at modern kitchens.

Seating arrangements

You may say kitchens do not need seating arrangements because that’s the place you cook and not the place to have chats at, but things have changed now. Kitchen is also the place for socializing now. But, according to the functionality theories as well, too many seats placed at a kitchen, can block the functionality, making the workflow less speedy. But, if seats are needed, make sure the arrangement happens outside the work triangle discussed above, so that it creates the minimal interruption. Most commonly, kitchen have stool seating arrangements.


How can a kitchen be expected to be functional if the appliances in it are not functioning? This makes the workflow also less effective. So, if you do have appliances that are not working, go for an immediate repair. And, if that does not work, have a replacement. No point keeping a dead appliance at your kitchen, if you can get no use of it.

Clear Surfaces

Your cabinets and counter tops at the kitchen should not be cluttered. If some item does not belong to the kitchen, get rid of them. You needed to have a functional kitchen, and if something does not help the purpose, you really should not be keeping it. It is that simple.